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UFC 143: Diaz vs Condit Recap

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This fight was one of the most eagerly anticipated fights in a long time.  It came out of the temporarily settling dust of Nick Diaz's feud with Georges Saint Pierre and many see this fight as the more exciting option.  Nick Diaz had been on a formidable run, including his recent battering of BJ Penn.  Condit was also on a great run with his only loss a narrow decision loss to Martin Kampman.  Watching the UFC Countdown and Primetime shows, the tension going into this fight was immense.  There was Diaz's awkwardness and suspicion of the cameras and the fact that he clearly gets in to 'bad guy mode' in the run up to a fight.  Then there was the stress and anticipation getting to Condit during fight week, where he could not cope with the cameras any longer.


The Fight
Well, the fight well and truly lived up to the billing.  It was the aggression and brashness of Diaz versus the discipline and crisp technique of Carlos Condit.  The first two rounds saw Diaz the clear aggressor with Condit looking confused but, crucially, still able to get shots off.  The next two and a half rounds saw Condit find his rhythm and, still being chased by Diaz and moving well.  In spite of a two minute period towards the end of the fifth round where Diaz found his back, Condit took home the decision.  I had it very close, with the decision being between the aggressor (Diaz) and the person landing what he wanted to land (Condit).  Condit just edged it for me.

In the end, it was the diversity of Condit's attack that really did for Diaz.  He could not pin him down and could not match his reach or accuracy, nor could he draw Condit into a brawl, in spite of some pretty high level smack talking.
What's Next?
We all know what is next for Carlos Condit.  He obviously did not receive a copy of the script as he upsets the Georges Saint Pierre and Nick Diaz storyline.  He has previously stated that he would like to defend the belt once before he faces GSP, but the UFC would rather he waited.

As for Diaz, he said he would like to retire from MMA as he does not feel the pay is worth the stress and trauma.  That would truly be a loss becomes he seems to have become a big star.

So what do you think, who won that decision?  Did Condit run or was that a slick and sensible game plan? Will Diaz retire?  Let us know, leave a comment.

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