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Top Five: MMA Comebacks of all time.

When Tim Boetsch came back from a mauling at the hands of Yushin Okami at UFC 144, Joe Rogan quite understandably lost control and callled it the greatest comeback in MMA history.  Now Joe was quick to backtrack on that as he regained his senses, but just which are the best comebacks in MMA history?

Tim Boetsch comes back to beat Yushin Okami via espn

Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard III

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At UFC 136, Gray Maynard had his second shot at Frankie Edgar's lightweight title, having previously beaten Edgar before he was champion and drawn with him in their second fight.  Edgar took extreme punishment in the first round, looking continuously rocked for most of the five minutes.  In the second round, Edgar had miraculously recovered and was full of his trademark pep and movement.  By round 4 he was completely dominating the stand up and knocked Maynard out with a great right hand.  What makes this comeback extra special is that this was a carbon copy of their earlier draw, but this time Edgar got the finish.

Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen

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This comeback was epic because of what was on the line.  Anderson Silva is the best pound for pound fighter in the world, middleweight champion and at the time of this fight had a winning streak of 12 fights.  Chael Sonnen, the upstart challenger provided Silva with one of the toughest tests of his UFC career, rocking the champ with a punch and consistently taking him to the ground.  Half way through round 5, on his back and with Sonnen surely dominating the scorecards, Silva locked on a tight triangle choke and submitted Sonnen.  The champion survived, his legacy intact.

Pat Barry vs Cheick Kongo

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When Cheick Kongo had been rocked and pounced on by Pat Barry at UFC on Versus 4, the referee would have been forgiven for stopping the fight.  As it is, he let it continue a while longer.  Kongo staggered around for a while, shot a wobbly double leg attempt and somehow summoned two right hooks to knock Barry out.  There was not so much riding on this comeback, but the fact that Kongo was still standing on roller skates when he threw the punches makes it pretty special.

Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera vs Bob Sapp

OK, so Bob Sapp is  not exactly an elite opponent but he was around 100 pounds heavier than Noguiera, in a different, crazier MMA era.  The big American through Noguiera around the cage, dropping him on his head at one point.  The Brazilian hung in there as only he can, absorbing shocking amounts of punishment until towards the end of the fight he took advantage of Sapp's dubious gas tank and found an awesome armbar.  Noguiera has made a career of these comebacks, but the Sapp fight is my pick.

Hughes vs Trigg II

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This was Trigg's second title shot at the invincible Matt Hughes after a fight where he had been well and truly humbled by the champion.  Trigg landed a low knee that doubled Hughes over.  The referee did not see it and Trigg capitalised by taking Hughes' back.  The champ's run appeared to be at an end but, like something out of pro wrestling he made his way out of the position. He the proceeded to boduly carry Trigg across the cage and slam him brutally before ground and pounding and finally choking out the challenger.

Comebacks are truly some of the most exciting events in MMA as we see which fighters have the heart to dig deep and pull something out of nowhere.  If I have missed out one of your favourites, hit the comment section below.

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