Friday, 2 March 2012

Kaufman vs Davis Preview

As Ronda Rousey finds herself fighting for a title in a weight class she has never fought in, the number two fighter in the division finds herself buried on the preliminary card.  This might well be the fight that determines who challenger for the title next and exposure on the main card would certainly have helped build the next title fight in the division.

Kaufman must put her disappointment to one side though as she faces an opponent in Alexis Davis, who is well capable of upsetting the apple cart.

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Recent History

  • Since losing her title to Marloes Coenen in her sole career loss, Kaufman has won twice, once by TKO and once by decision.
  • Alexis Davis is on three fight win streak including a great performance against Amanda Nunes.


In recent times Sarah Kaufman has been looking to let her hands go as much as possible and employs a dynamic kick boxing attack.   She has strong wrestling and clinch work though and when things do not go her way standing, Kaufman very much has the ability to clinch up and dominate an opponent against the fence.  On the ground, she has the power and dominance necessary to pound opponents out, not to mention this slam of Roxanne Modafferi:

Against Amanda Nunes, Davis showed her ability to weather a storm and persevere through adversity.  After eating a few heavy punches from Nunes and being dominated for most of the first round, Davis managed to neutralise Nunes' striking by tying her opponent up.  Davis is a good all round fighter with decent wrestling and submissions if she ends up on top.

Head to Head

Alexis Davis does not have the power or speed to hang with Sarah Kaufman on the feet.  She will need to try and smother Kaufman and, if possible take her to the ground.  Kaufman though is a good wrestler and I do not see her being taken down.  Should Davis find herself on top, Kaufman will be difficult to pin down and difficult to finish.

Sarah Kaufman's game plan is simple.  Overwhelm Davis with powerful strikes and break her will by repeatedly stuffing take down attempts and either disengaging or dominating the clinches.  I do not think Davis will be able to withstand a barrage of Kaufman punches to the face and I do not think she will be able control her as well as she did Nunes.


Sarah Kaufman by TKO, round 2.

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